What is it that you’re hoping to accomplish in landscaping your property line? Once you answer that over-arching question, many of the details will fall into place (with a little aid from the ideas I present here). As you’ll see from reading the information below, deciding on how to landscape a boundary largely comes down to sifting through your various options.

  1. Hedges – Well trimmed plants can make a great barrier for your property line.  Pick something that is dense enough to provide privacy and security. Many Hedges like boxwoods can grow quickly and don’t require great amounts of maintenance.
  2. Fences – The chain link fence is not your only option anymore.  Wooden fences are good options for both security and privacy. However, you’ll need to stain or paint them now and again. PVC vinyl fences are a lower-maintenance alternative, but may cost more.
  3. Stone Walls – These can provide the best of all worlds, privacy, noise reduction, security and natural beauty.
  4. Colorful Shrubs – Evergreen shrubs can be a great choice for a fast growing shrub that you can mix and match evergreens and flowering shrubs for maximum effect.
  5. Trees – Keep in mind the size of the full grown tree.