Your Gardening Questions Answered

I would like to grow some “barometer plants” to use as an early warning system for my garden. What plants are first to respond to frost, first to bolt and first to wilt? Is this a waste of time?

This can be a great idea.  The difficult part will be find the correct balancing of plants.  Half-hardy annuals such as cosmos lobelia are sensitive to frost and would be a great starting point.

Is it best to fertilize the lawn and water it afterwards, or not water the lawn after fertilizer has been applied?

Always read and follow the instructions for the particular fertilizer you are using. The best of both worlds is to fertilize prior to a light rain.  Nature doesn’t always work on our schedule, so if no rain is forecast, it would be a good idea to lightly water the lawn. The goal is for the fertilizer to be washed down through the grass to the soil but not washed away. That way it will begin to dissolve sooner and less of it will be blown away or tracked into your house by people or pets, and etc.

I want to aerate my lawn. I have heard that there are sandals that fit over shoes that have 2-3 inch spikes. Is this true? If so, where can I get them? Is there an equally or better way to aerate for the same expense?

Aerating the lawn with your special sandals requires a lot of walking, but it’s great exercise and the lawn will really benefit. However, if you’d like to have someone do this for you, spring is the time to aerate, so contact this company soon, Dylan’s Lawn Service 502-555-1111